Evening School of European Studies (ESES) 2012-13

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How was our western society formed? Where did our norms and values come from? Why do we have seven days in the week? What gave Europe its core identity? On what do we base the concept of human rights?

What inspired the emergence of many of the institutions of our western way of life, including hospitals and universities, trade unions and political parties, women’s emancipation and the abolition of slavery, or movements like the Red Cross, Amnesty International and Alcoholics Anonymous?
How can we respond to today’s challenges like Islam, secularism, new spirituality?
How can we recover vision, faith and hope for tomorrow’s Europe?

These questions and many more are addressed at the Evening School of European Studies(ESES), which will start November 1st, 2012 and will continue to April 2013.

Location: Samaritan's Inn, Ist Floor conference room (above Dwaze Zaken cafe), Prins Hendrikkade 50, in Amsterdam. Time: 7 pm – 9.30 pm.

The twelve evening sessions are supplemented by four Saturday ‘historical trail’ excursions in Utrecht Amsterdam, Dokkum/Pingjum and Zwolle/Deventer.

The aim of this course is to offer after-hours study to enable participants:
• to understand how the Bible’s message shaped Europe’s foundations;

• to explore biblical responses to major influences in Europe today, including secularism, Islam, new spirituality and the EU;

• to investigate our task–as ‘people of hope’–in shaping Europe’s future.

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