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Crossroads : Sunday for the City (23-9-2012)

Geplaatst 20 sep 2012 01:08 door De Stadslamp Amsterdam
Een opmerkelijk initiatief van de gemeente Crossroads in Amstelveen.  Lees de aankondiging hieronder en ook Crossroads sluit de deuren…

On Sunday September 23rd there will NOT be a service in the school building. Service will be outside in the city of Amsterdam.

Huh? What? Outside? Yes! We will do a project called: “Sunday for the City”, which means helping the city in practical ways with groups of approx. ten volunteers. We would love to see the whole church join, and to make this happen we are also looking for people that want to lead a team of volunteers.

What is the goal of this "Sunday FOR THE CITY" day?
We want to show the city that we care and we want to give you the opportunity to serve people in the city in Amsterdam. That's why we are canceling our church programs on September 23rd.

But we want more than full participation in this service event – we long for followers of Christ to make serving others a lifestyle and not just an event. We also encourage you to invite friends and neighbors to join you in serving. No strings attached – you can simply serve together.  "